Six reasons your business needs a mobile app

Think mobile apps are just for big brands? Think again. Today's small to medium sized businesses have realised the huge potential having an app can have on their business.

Statistics show that in March 2016, business apps were the second most popular category in the app store but why should does your business need a mobile app?

1. Gain control

Having your own app allows you to design the user experience you want your users to have from start to finish. With a well-designed app, you can guide your customers to the areas of the app you want them to visit and build a better experience.

2. Build a customer database

Mobile apps allow businesses to find out a lot of useful information about their customers. From phone numbers and location data, to social profiles and email addresses, this data can be used to find out more about your customers so that your future engagement is targeted, tailored and more importantly, of interest to your customer.

3. Engagement

Websites are perfect for static content but, can offer limited interaction between you and your customers. With a mobile app, a business can reach out to their customer proactively.

4. Enhance customer experience

A mobile app can help enhance customer interactions with a business. Imagine if your customers could accomplish several of their goals from your app. Take the Starbucks app as an example, it has changed the way the coffee chain customers order and pay for their drinks. The app also gives customers the opportunity to buy gift cards, redeem special offers and even tip the barista.

5. Adverts and offers straight to customers

How many times do you receive notifications of special offers from the apps on your smartphone? Through the use of push notifications, businesses can ensure they remain in the mind of your customer and that can only be good for business.

6. Improve your business

Apps are not just for your customers, they can also be used to improve the communication of your business too. Heathrow Airport developed an app to help connect members of staff who were not desk based. Heathrow Operations App shares daily news and information about team events as well as giving members of staff the chance to comment on issues of the day. While your business may not be as big as Heathrow, an app can be a great way to connect your employees – especially if they regularly work away from the office on onsite.

How can I get an app?

The world of mobile app development has no real limits so, if you’re interested in building an app for your website, r//evolution would love to help.

We’ll ensure that your mobile app gives your brand the ability to transcend into customers’ pockets, allowing them to engage efficiently and easily, anytime, anywhere.

Why not take a look at some of the apps we have developed recently?

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Posted by Adam Blenkinsop
on November 4, 2016