How to boost social media performance using effective design and rich media

Great design and rich media (use of photography, video and imagery) can really help to drive your engagement levels and boost your followers on social media.  

Social is all about great content that sparks conversations  engaging content should be the foundation of everything you do, and rich media is a huge part of it so don't overlook this important aspect.  

Here's some things you may want to consider to harness the power of design and rich media to drive results on your social media channels.

Wow using outstanding photography 

Rubbish photos belong to rubbish brands – so make sure your photography is top of the line. Using a professional, trusted expert to craft your product, promotional or press images can help you make the most of each and every campaign on social media.  

Consider the power individuals have in their own pocket! The standard of cameras on smartphones has ramped up significantly in the last 10 years so bear in mind that your photos really need to stand out on channels such as Instagram – where there’s plenty of strong competition.  

Your photography like everything else you produce should be on brand – think about the colours, subject matter, styles and overall impact and ensure it’s in line with your organisation.  

Cleverly designed infographics 

It goes without saying that everything you use and offer customers should feature great design which fits within your brand guidelines.  

On social, cleverly designed infographics which are informative, helpful or indeed funny can often stand out – they should always reflect your brands personality and fit in with your corporate colour palette.  

Something to consider for your next campaign?

Creating an impactful video  

Many integrated marketing projects now include use of video on social media – a huge way to drive interest in your project, boost awareness and ensure your consumers retain those all important key messages.  

Videos under 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 53% - so keep them short and snappy to keep your audience interested. Also consider many people watch social videos without sound – so ensure you caption your video content.  

As well as a snazzy promotional video for your next campaign – consider using organic videos – such as Facebook Live or Instastories to drive your overall reach too 


If you're trying to convey a complicated message or simply want a well-branded animation in your corporate colours for your next campaign – animation is always a highly regarded way of putting your message across. 

Invest is good design to drive your animation project and ensure your use of audio and voiceovers don't let the side down when it comes to a slick finish!  

And finally... 

Don't forget, as well as the ideas above – your social channels should also use designed social media skins – so all of your channels embody your brand.  

If you want to refresh your social media channels – with new skins, infographic content, animations or video – get in touch with our design and social media teams today. We're always happy to get involved in creative marketing projects and plan new campaigns for growing brands.  

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Posted by Ros Haverson
on March 27, 2018