Why your business should use animation

You may have seen businesses and maybe even your competitors using animation more and more in recent times. The popularity of animation is clear, and is becoming an increasingly-used tool to help businesses like yours communicate with target audiences. If you’re not sure if animation is right for your company, take a look at these top reasons our clients are already on board and taking advantage of the benefits of animation.


Grab attention

With intelligent design, animations can grab attention and appeal directly to your target audience. Using strong, creative elements and exciting animation styles, you can really hold people’s attention, entertain them, inform them or train them, all whilst using on-brand content. The combination of entertainment and creativity can really help hold attention and create a lasting impression. After all, videos are often more noticeable and enticing, as well more memorable - 80% of people can recall a video advert that they have watched in the last 30 days, making it a must for effective content compared with images or text.


Explain complex ideas

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then an animation is worth so much more. Using animation allows your brand to portray messages concisely and quickly. They’re also a great platform for explaining complex ideas, products or services to aid understanding. By producing a clear yet informative animation, you can ensure that your message is being heard and understood. The simplicity of animation really lends itself to this purpose and can truly help your target audience appreciate and understand your brand’s message.


Brand Identity

When you have access to a talented design team like ours here at r//evolution, you can rest assured that any animation created for your business will fully embody your brand, using a style that complements your identity perfectly. This ability to communicate a brand’s spirit is important to help your customers, clients or prospects identify with your business; animation is a great way to allow your business’ message and brand really resonate with the right people.


Media-rich content for cross-channel sharing

Animations also create powerful and engaging content that your brand can use across its channels for maximum impact. Media-rich content performs particularly well on social media for instance so, by creating animations, you have access to compelling video content that your social media followers will love, engage with and even share with their own networks.

So, whether your business is looking to sell, tell, explain or train - incorporating animation into your brand’s wider marketing strategy can produce dramatic results that can support your company’s wider objectives.

At r//evolution we support and manage our client’s through animation projects, helping them identify the right messages, build scripts that will appeal to their target audience and fulfil the animation’s purpose. Our designers will craft creative elements that are dramatic, on-brand, attention-grabbing and effectively portray your message. Our team will also source the most suitable music and voice-overs to help tie the animation together for a finished result that really helps you stand out from the crowd. You can see some of our animation work over on our website including this video for The Real Apprenticeship Company, or our very own Christmas animation.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how animation can help your business, please get in touch.

Tags: Design

Posted by Steph Chalmers
on August 17, 2017