My First Week at r//evolution: The 5 R's

After completing my MA in Media and PR, I’ve been lucky enough to join the r//evolution team. I’ve been here for a week now and I’ve cajoled the rest of the team into letting me give you an insight into what it’s like being a newbie at r//evolution. With so much happening and going on here, I thought it best to break down my time so far into “the 5 R’s.”


Starting in a new role always means lots of meets and greets, but it’s been lovely meeting the r//evolution team. As an integrated brand consultancy, there are several departments who all have their own skills and areas of expertise, who then come together to deliver comprehensive campaigns for clients. It’s been interesting to learn more about what the design and digital teams get up to, as well as the communications department.  

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting a number of clients, from very different sectors and industries. We all know that works feel much less work-like when you’re surrounded by lovely people, and that’s very much the case here.


This one not only relates to me, but the rest of the team too. Consultancy and agency work is always busy and fast-paced, with new clients and challenges cropping up all the time. I’ve seen the team react really well to these situations thanks to their planning and ability to be flexible with their workload. It’s also handy being able to react and keep up with the witty office banter, which turns out is not my strong point first thing in the morning.


As r//evolution has such a wide variety of clients, they (and me!) need to really gets to grips with a brand and its products and services. This guarantees the brand story is being reflected accurately, and in an engaging way. I’ve had to knuckle down then, and immerse myself in what it is our clients do and who they are.


Not technically, an ‘r’ but we can settle for the fact it sounds like one, right? As well as the press releases you’d expect a communications department to be creating, I’ve also had the opportunity to put together PR toolkits for our clients, plus a variety of copy. With a whole load of experience in blogging and copywriting already, I’ve really appreciated the chance to dive straight in and show the rest of the team, and our clients what I can do when it comes to putting the right words in the right places.


It goes without saying that social media is important for our clients. Not one to rest on their laurels though, r//evolution makes sure its delivering integrated campaigns involving both online and offline activity to get the best results. But I’ve been getting stuck in helping clients plan and deliver social media strategies, which has been great fun so far.

So there you have it, a week at r//evolution awkwardly squeezed into 5 headings. I hope it’s given you a taste of what it’s like here – if not then just imagine lots of hard work fuelled by biscuits, motivational music and plenty of brews (or cuppas if you prefer… you can take the girl out of Lancashire but you can’t take the Lancashire out of the girl). 

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Posted by Beccy Gregory
on November 3, 2015