What to expect from your key messaging workshop with r//evolution

Developing effective key messages can help strengthen brand identity and differentiate your business from the competition. Defining your messaging allows you to tell consistent, impactful stories about your brand, which effectively engage your target audiences.

During a key messaging workshop with r//evolution our creative and content marketing teams will work with you to explore your mission, vision and products or services. We will then distil these core attributes into powerful key messages, to provide a valuable point of reference for all subsequent marketing activity.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect at each stage of your key messaging workshop:


  • Stage 1: Defining your brand

In order to develop effective key messages, we will dig into your brand’s personality, products or services and your target audience. Ideally, we’ll involve a representative group from across your business departments, so we can get an accurate view of how your brand is perceived and how you’d like it to be perceived. We will use this information to establish what distinguishes your brand and products, as well as identifying the most effective way to engage with your ideal consumer.

  • Stage 2: Building a story

Using this wealth of information, we can begin to explore what differentiates your brand from the competition. This allows us to start building a coherent brand story, which will inform your key messages.

  • Stage 3: Creating key messages

Subsequently, we will distil your company’s values, personality, offering and unique attributes into 3-5 key messages. These will be brief, powerful core messages to form the basis of your marketing activity. We’ll work with you to ensure that your brand voice aligns with these key messages, ensuring a coherent narrative.

  • Stage 4: Execution

Once the key messages have been agreed, the r//evolution team will work with you to identify how to best implement them across online and offline channels, to best engage your target audience, including on your website, social media channels and in print.


If your brand is in need of rejuvenation, or if you’re considering a re-brand, then conducting a key messaging workshop is an excellent way to create clarity around your brand positioning and to synthesise key brand elements into core messages which resonate with your customers. In this way, the brand will deliver impactful, consistent messaging across online and offline channels, delivering best return on your marketing investment.

Tags: Design

Posted by Danielle Woods
on December 18, 2018