Why your website isn't generating enough leads

Your website provides a fantastic platform to generate lots of new business. Nearly all businesses and organisations have a website, and if you don’t you have one, you will be at a massive disadvantage to your competition. However, having a website does not mean instant success with regards to sales and new business; the quality of your website and how you use it is key.

If you have a website, but feel it is not providing you the amount of leads you need, there could be a number of things that might be affecting this. Let’s look at what issues you might be facing that can be improved to ensure your website is providing the leads your business needs!

Ease of use

One problem you may have to consider is checking that your website is easy to use. Consumers do not want a difficult experience when surfing the web. If your website doesn’t prioritise the user experience you may find you won’t get enough leads.

Make sure that your website is responsive. If consumers are having difficulty in using your page or getting it to work ,they may quickly lose patience, and leave your page to look elsewhere. Check that your page is easy to scroll, links work and that your load times are quick - nothing frustrates an internet user more than waiting for something to load!

Consider whether your website might be too complicated. Consumers might get frustrated if there are too many steps to get to the information they want. Simplicity is key! Consumers do not have time to work out how to use your website!

Make sure your content is easy to read. Small text, and unclear fonts might be causing difficulties for internet users visiting your site. Design is important to get right too, contributing massively to the user experience - bear in mind background and font colours ensuring these elements work well together ensuring users are able to read and consume content easily.  

Website Engagement

To get people to remain on your website, browsing through multiple pages and to keep returning to it, is key to generating leads. In order to do this, it must be engaging.

Evaluate your website and decide if there is too much text. Clicking onto a page to be served a big chunk of text may be off-putting -  in the digital age people prefer quick and simple information served to them, and are likely to skim read as opposed to read each word carefully. Sometimes you do not have to limit text, but simply present it in a way that’s easier to consume and understand. Using ‘white space’ can make it appear that there is less text than there actually is, not to mention it’s easier to read.

If you think there is too much text, make use of images. Images are likely to catch people’s attention, and are easier to take in than text. When possible, you could use an infographic to a explain content in a more interesting, visual and memorable way.

Use video! Videos are more noticeable and enticing than text. 80% of people will also recall a video that they have watched in the last 30 days, making video a lot more memorable too! Video is effective because talking, listening and watching is a more natural way for people to communicate than reading. However from a user-experience point of view it’s important that the video works and doesn’t take too long to load.

An ideal website will have a good balance of text, images AND video!

Have you adapted your website to match your audience?

Your website may be engaging, but if it is not adapted to your target audience, you may have little success. Decide whether you think the language you are using speaks to those you are trying to attract.

The design of your website could also be a factor in why your website might not be generating enough leads. Your target audience may be aimed at a particular gender for example; certain colours, fonts and images might be more effective than others for certain demographics.

Not attracting enough traffic

A reason you may not be getting enough leads through your website is simply because not many people are visiting it . The more people visiting your website, the more likely you are to get successful leads.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) is a useful way to try and improve website traffic. By ensuring certain keywords are used in your website content, you can increase the likelihood that people will find your website and content when searching for information online.

Are you blogging? Writing interesting, unique, engaging and relevant content can also be a way to drive internet traffic to your site. Content you write might provide answers to problems your target audience may have, and give solutions that your business can provide.

Ineffective CTAs (Call to actions) may be a reason your website isn’t generating enough leads. A CTA maybe be a link or graphic that takes people to more information about a topic, usually via a landing page or conversion page. Making your CTA noticeable helps, but also consider whether the language used could be improved; use a phrase or words that will make people more likely to click on your CTA.

Do you have social media? If you don’t, you’re missing a trick when it comes to lead generation for your website. Social media is a good platform to share content, and links to your website. The more of a following you have, the more effective sharing will be. Remember, people who follow you on social media are likely to be your target audience, so by interacting with them you’re helping direct more relevant internet traffic to your website - which could assist in generating more leads. The relevance of internet traffic is just as important as the volume of it.

All of these potential issues are useful to keep in mind when trying to make sure your website is in a great position to generate leads. Here at r//evolution, we are experts in website development and online marketing. If you need help in making an effective and quality website, or help in trying to increase your website’s ability to generate leads, we are the r//esults agency for you. For help in maximising your online presence, and your website’s effectiveness, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Posted by Adam Blenkinsop
on December 11, 2017