5 ways automation is vital to any marketing strategy

Marketing automation is a transformative way to fuel business growth, increase efficiency and boost the rewards of your marketing and sales efforts.

Automation allows your business to provide a personalised, valuable approach to your lead nurturing, and makes it easy to increase conversions. In fact, companies that use marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates than non-users (Aberdeen Group).

Automation is a valuable asset to any company seeking growth. Here are the five reasons it’s so crucial to your marketing strategy:


Automation gives you the tools you need to scale your sales and marketing efforts. Where manual processes are slowing your growth, automation helps you leverage your existing resources to grow better. Using automation frees up time and uses personalisation to produce higher quality leads- helping your business to fuel growth.


Many businesses are operating with minimal visibility over their sales and marketing activities and, crucially, results. This lack of clarity over what activity is being done, such as outreach emails sent and calls made makes it impossible to track your true ROI. Automation makes gaining visibility over your efforts second nature, allowing you to track which leads are converted vs which disengage- making it possible to establish what’s working, and what’s not.

Better budget allocation

Automation saves time, and since time is money, automation can free up budget to be spent in the right place. By streamlining processes, automation frees up time being spent on data input or manual outreach. This gives your teams the bandwidth they need to spend your budget and resource where it can produce the best results. In short, a positive ROI is almost guaranteed when marketing automation is implemented effectively.

Save time

Automation frees up time by streamlining your sales and marketing efforts. Giving your team the tools they need to work more effectively is a sure-fire way to drive fantastic results, without replacing your marketing function. By helping things to run more smoothly, your team with have more time to connect with and nurture your leads and customers, creating a better brand experience.

Align sales and marketing efforts

Alignment of your sales and marketing is a crucial element of any business strategy. When it comes to lead nurturing, the alignment that automation provides is valuable. Through automation, better oversight of marketing and sales activity is available- such as tracking outreach emails or calls. Automation also creates a seamless transition when passing a lead from marketing to sales, by using lead scoring to better determine a lead’s position in your buyer journey.

When it comes to marketing strategy, automation can make a transformative difference at a top level, as well as within your teams.

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Tags: Lead Generation, Business Growth, automation

Posted by Chris Glancey
on June 30, 2020