Achieving clarity in the wake of COVID-19

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of maintaining a cool head when everything is seemingly conspiring against you.

In a time where there are more questions than answers and there are so many moving parts of your business to attend to, keeping the wheels of business moving can be challenging.

Yet amid all of the problems the Coronavirus has thrown at us, it’s emphasised the importance of taking control, working in an agile way as well as the necessity of adapting your strategy.

As attention turns to recovery, clarity will be absolutely essential to your marketing efforts post COVID. At the best of times, clarity is a key driver for marketing success – often providing you with the opportunities to implement efficiencies, make informed decisions and help boost your growth plans.

But with cash likely to be tight for most businesses, and the great fear of the unknown lingering in the back of people’s mind, clarity is needed; now more than ever.

Here we have listed three ways to achieve clarity in your marketing.

  1. Don’t get stuck in old ways
  2. Ensure a lack of clarity doesn’t hold you back
  3. Prepare to learn from your mistakes quickly and fail fast

Don’t get stuck in old ways:

Prior to COVID, you would have had a marketing plan that was on track to help you grow and flourish. However, it’s unlikely that it had a contingency plan that would factor in a global pandemic and a possible recession. Now is the time to be flexible and agile in your approach. Don’t wilfully stick to your plan that you’ve been working to and what has always worked. It is time to reimagine your future quickly in this new landscape and ensure your marketing reflects this. 

Prepare to learn from your mistakes quickly and fail fast:

Limiting risk and generating ROI is going to be key for marketing departments and businesses throughout the country. Failing fast isn’t just prescriptive, it’s diagnostic. Running a series of small growth experiments to see which are ultimately successful and which don’t work for your organisation will help inform your marketing plans and strategies for the months ahead.

Ensure a lack of clarity doesn’t hold you back:

In times of crisis, taking control of the situation is critical.  Clearly communicating your plans and objectives to your team is vital and understanding your key messages, tactics and your goals will help you achieve your targets.  Ambiguity will only hamper your marketing efforts and leaders who fail to create clarity will struggle to hold their teams accountable. People work better when they feel like they are in control and are working to a plan.

Are you a business owner looking to reduce risk and make clear informed decisions to post COVID? Contact the r//evolution team today and let us help your business flourish post COVID-19.

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Posted by Chris Glancey
on June 2, 2020