Assessing the opportunities of GDPR

Much has been made about the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For some GDPR is deemed to be a hurdle to effective marketing: no more mass email marketing, no more purchasing of data, and big changes to online marketing practices.

Couple this with the threat of hefty of fines for those failing to comply with the rules and regulations of GDPR and some could be forgiven for thinking it’s safer to err on the side of caution and scale back marketing activity completely.

Yet, for others, GDPR is proving to be a great opportunity; cleaner data, full marketing transparency and more of a focus on putting the consumer first.

It seems, therefore, that businesses are split. While GDPR does present a host of challenges, it also brings with it a raft of potential.

Here we examine three key opportunities for businesses post-GDPR:

Meaningful marketing

GDPR will help marketing communications become more meaningful, transparent and relevant. By collecting relevant data and getting consent from your data subjects, it will ensure that your audience is responsive and has confidence in your range of products and services. Meaningful marketing will also allow companies to build long-lasting and profitable relationships through targeted and personalised content.

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Better processes and security

Public data breaches, featuring the likes of Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and Dixons Carphone have put cyber security and data governance at the forefront of the public’s conscience. GDPR addresses data protection and gives users more control about how and what data is collected and stored. As a result, companies are now aware about the importance of individual privacy and the principals of GDPR will result in stronger privacy procedures and better standards to ensure data is processed safely and securely.

Alternative marketing methods

If you’re traditional marketing efforts have been impacted by GDPR then it could be time to look at re-evaluating your marketing strategy. There are plenty of marketing opportunities to be had that won’t infringe on any GDPR legislation but will help to deliver key messages to important audiences. These include:

Public relations

Ideally PR will already be playing an important role in delivering your communications strategy but increasing brand awareness through solid news stories, blogs, case studies and feature interviews can help signpost organic traffic to your website and enable you to achieve your goals.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your existing contacts, but it can also be a useful hunting ground for new opportunities – from start-ups seeking office space, to companies looking for new IT provision. Update your profile with engaging content or questions to spark conversations and see where they lead.


While for B2C companies it’s plausible to imagine that everyone is a potential customer, when it comes to B2B businesses, there will be more specific stakeholders you are undoubtedly looking to interact with. Once you have defined who you are looking to target, you can look at relevant sponsorship. These could include headline or category sponsorship at major business events or deals with local charities and community organisations to drive awareness of your company.

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Posted by Chris Glancey
on June 21, 2018