Be proactive, not reactive with a marketing strategy

We know that it’s tempting to jump straight into the more creative aspects of your marketing, but having a well-defined marketing strategy is certainly important in the performance of your business.

What is a marketing strategy?

In a nutshell, a marketing strategy defines how you will market your offerings to your customers. A high quality strategy will define exactly where you want to go and how you will get there. Without a marketing strategy, you may find that your business is missing out on important opportunities; you may find that you’re struggling to connect with your ideal customers which will have a negative impact on sales, and you may find that you’re constantly reacting rather than being proactive.

What can a marketing strategy do for my business?

Having a good marketing strategy in place can increase sales, encourage existing customers to buy more, improve customer loyalty, launch a PR campaign, encourage word of mouth referrals, make customers feel more valued and so much more.

How do I create a marketing strategy for my business?

In order to write a marketing strategy that will work for your business, you need to carry out detailed market analysis, competitor analysis and customer analysis. It is vital that you have a clear understanding of each of these areas in order to build a solid marketing structure.

Once you have a full understanding of your market, your competitors and your business, you need to use your findings to identify your ideal customers – you may find that you have a different ideal customer for different products and services. From here, you need to establish the best ways to reach your desired customers before writing and implementing a plan that focuses on the goals of your business.

Our top tip for marketing strategy…

We regularly work with clients to create strategies that meet and even exceed their objectives – in fact, we’ve lost count of the number of marketing strategies we’ve worked on over the years! One thing we have learned is that businesses often set goals which are too broad and are therefore difficult to measure. By breaking the overall desired outcome down into smaller measurable and achievable goals, you will develop a stronger strategy with levels of progression which will move you closer to meeting your objectives.

Need help with your marketing strategy?

If you need assistance writing or developing your marketing strategy, get in touch with the award winning r//evolution team.

Our marketing experts are on hand to help you develop the perfect marketing strategy for your business that ultimately benefits your bottom line

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Posted by Beccy Gregory
on October 6, 2016