Interview with the MD: Bounce Back packages

Hi Gill, we’re really excited about the launch of the Bounce Back packages, could you tell us more about what they are?

In short, the bounce back packages are 3 month, highly focused packages of activity. They’re a way to focus on the specific needs of individual businesses to help them recover from the impacts of the pandemic faster and stronger.

When a business signs up for their package, our first step is to identify where recovery opportunities lie, and how to leverage those to deliver results in the shortest possible timeframe. Based on our experiences with businesses we work with we expect those recovery opportunities to be predominantly rooted in strengthening positioning in existing markets to reach new customers or pivoting into new market areas.

Our expert team are at the heart of delivery of the packages- taking a hands-on approach to drive results. The team are taking a proactive approach to make the recovery journey as easy as possible for clients with regular reporting and communication.

Why did r//evolution choose to launch the packages?

Based on conversations we have been having with business leaders, there is a need for recovery tools which are focused on agility, flexibility, and speed.

At r//evolution, we have the expertise to help businesses boost their revenue streams through enhanced lead generation, customer acquisition and conversion. Creating affordable, short term packages to help North East businesses to recover in the shortest possible timeframe was an obvious next step.

What impact do you see the packages having on businesses in the North East?

The packages are designed to deliver measurable impact, predominantly around lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer conversion. Our expectation is that a focus on this will build new revenue opportunities for these businesses, helping them to recover revenue that has been lost or on hold, and generate more business confidence to facilitate future business planning.

Could you explain how the packages work?

Businesses will be able to book in for a free consultation with our team online, helping them to choose a package that works for them, and building a strategic delivery plan. 

From there, our team get to work providing focused recovery delivery for a quarter. As part of the packages we provide regualar progress reporting, so businesses can see the impact as they recover.

How long will the packages be available?

As things stand, our intention is that the packages will be available until the end of 2020. We will however take a review on this as we keep an eye on the business climate over the next quarter- it may be that this type of offer is what businesses need even further down the line.

Finally, how can businesses access the bounce back packages?

You’ll be able to book a free consultation with our team or ask them to get in touch with you via our website.

Alternatively, we’ll be sending links out across our social media channels, so keep an eye on those.

Find out more or sign up for the packages online here.


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Posted by Chris Glancey
on September 14, 2020