How marketing and PR can help you scale up your business

How can I grow my business? It’s the question on every business owner’s lips.

Here at r//evolution, we’re specialists in working with organisations that want to make a big change. For many this centres around the need for growth.

We know from experience that having a sustained marketing and PR plan in place can help businesses to scale up – often providing a real focus on the changes required to drive growth.

Here are some ways that marketing and PR can help:

  1. Strategy

By focusing on your strategic plan and adopting a well-thought out approach, you will be able to ensure that your external marketing efforts are working to help you achieve your desired goals and objectives.

Take the time to step back from the day to day and put a strategy in place. As with any good plan, consider your aims and objectives, timelines, tactics and of course your budget to ensure this process works for you.

  1. Aligning your goals and values

Occasionally internal goals and values from within a business don’t quite marry up with the external perception of the brand.

Ensuring that all your marketing and PR efforts reflect your values can help to ensure consistency across your target audiences and keep your outputs focused on the right messages.

  1. Raising your profile

Creative marketing and impactful PR activity can help to raise the overall profile of your business or indeed key people from within the business. Giving your senior team a boost in visibility will help to get the word out about what makes you and your team so special.

If you’re PR is lacking, externally you won’t be getting the kudos you deserve or making the right connections with stakeholders, customers and partners to drive growth. Ensure PR is an essential part of your overall marketing plan to scale up.

  1. Sharing your success in the media

Don’t keep your good news to yourself! All businesses need to harness the power of PR and share successes far and wide in print, online and via broadcast media.

PR coverage is extremely valuable for growing businesses across all sectors and is often a cost-effective way to promote your business.

  1. Building new relationships and contacts

A good marketing plan should include ways you can target your audience with your key messages. Outputs such as social media, email marketing and PR can help you to build new relationships – both on and off line and make valuable new connections.

Relationships are the lifeblood of growing businesses so don’t forget to be social and of course to build up that little black book.

  1. Facilitating new business

Often when people are looking to procure a product or service they’ll start with personal recommendations or browse online.

Ensuring your website, downloadable content, social media and news articles reflect positively on your brand is a good way to encourage potential customers to find out more.

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Posted by Anna Graham
on May 10, 2018