How you can maximise your existing revenue streams using automation.

Maximising existing revenue streams is an important part of meeting revenue targets, especially when many businesses are losing out on what had previously been promising business leads due to Covid-19.

The key fact is, generating new leads is expensive- far more expensive than getting the most out of your existing ones. Entering the New Year, the climate demands that most businesses keep costs down whilst improving revenue quickly, maximising revenue from existing leads is crucial.

Automation is a fantastic tool that makes squeezing the most out of your existing leads an easier task. Automation uses a set of techniques to ensure you are nurturing existing leads as they engage with your business- boosting business opportunities from existing contacts.

When it comes to using automation for getting the most from your leads, there are three key pillars:


Getting your timing right is an integral part of nurturing your leads. One of the key benefits of automation is great timing. Automation delivers your marketing, sales, and customer service at the right time for each contact- making them more likely to convert.

We’ve all had a phone call from a sales rep only 5 minutes after downloading some information, only to be put off by the brands hurried approach. Automation allows you to gather information about how your leads are engaging with your business, so you can contact them at the perfect time.


Without automation, it’s near impossible to know what stage of the buyer journey your prospect is at, and therefore what content is valuable to them. Providing leads with the wrong content at the wrong time makes it likely you’ll lose out on conversions.

Automation identifies where your lead is at, allowing you to target them with content they will find valuable, generating more business without investing in expensive lead generation.


Now you’ve nailed the perfect timing and the right content- choosing the right channels of contact can make or break your conversions. Each lead will fit into a different category when it comes to how the want to interact with you. Automation is so valuable because it empowers your teams with this knowledge- then makes delivering it easier too.

For a prospect only at the awareness stage, a call from your sales team will probably be too much, too soon. Using automation to ensure you’re contacting with customers in the right place for them makes them more likely to buy from you.

Automation is a transformative tool for getting the most out of your contacts, a crucial practice in the challenging post-covid world.

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Tags: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, automation

Posted by Chris Glancey
on January 6, 2021