PR launches and how to avoid the pitfalls

An impressive media launch can help to make or break a campaign, setting the foundation for future activity. It’s key to make sure you’re ticking all the right boxes, so we’ve put together some helpful points to consider when planning a PR launch – and most importantly – how to avoid any common pitfalls.

How to ensure a successful PR launch for your brand:

Make a plan

Knowing exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your PR launch is an important element that some people overlook. Think about your launch – whether it’s a new service, event or campaign and decide your objectives are. Are these related to awareness, brand sentiment or something else altogether? Without these you won’t be able to monitor the impact of your launch so it’s essential you identify these beforehand. Only when you have objectives established are you ready to create the plan for your launch and consider the next steps.

Think about your media targets

With any PR launch – identifying your media targets early on will allow you to align your tactics to these platforms. Are there particular publications or journalists who are a great fit with your brand and what you’re trying to achieve?

As part of any major launch, establishing media targets at the beginning can help you to develop good working relations or indeed secure media partnerships with key platforms – promoting longer-term success with your PR activity.

Avoid a blanket approach to PR – going for quality coverage over quantity will help to drive the awareness you want for your launch and better support your brand’s objectives and reputation.

Budget constraints

Know your budget. Set a realistic budget for your launch – including project management, events, media spend or social media - so you know what you have to play with from the beginning. It’s always worth setting a little aside for contingency too if your launch is on a larger scale.

Having a budget plan in place will help you to prioritise your activity on key areas and ensure that your objectives and tactics are achievable, focussing the direction and outcomes of your PR launch.


With any launch, using an agency with excellent media contacts and relationships with journalists will help you to achieve your objectives.

Go with a team that can get you off to the best possible start and help you reach media quickly – securing your PR launch impactful coverage from your target media. Our team has strong working relationships with media contacts and we work hard to maintain these and build new ones too – all to continue supporting our clients and their business goals.

Go with an agency you can trust

When it comes to PR activity or launches for your organisation – you want to ensure that you can put your complete trust in your delivery partner.

According to our 2017 customer service survey – a whopping 100% of our clients agree we helped the reach their objectives – so make sure your agency partner is the best choice for your business.


If you’re launching a new product, service or event (or need ongoing PR support for your brand) – please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help your business. Call us today on 0191 499 8415. 

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Posted by Anna Graham
on January 30, 2018