r//evolution gains HubSpot Platinum Partner status

We’re proud to announce that we’ve become the northeast’s only HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner!

We service clients UK-wide, from Brighton to Orkney, from our office bases in Gateshead and Manchester, and have a strong track record working with fast growth SME’s and corporates to deliver accelerated growth, with a focus on automation and digital transformation.

HubSpot Channel Consultant, Rachel Kenny explains “From the beginning of our Partnership with r//evolution it was clear that they are a standout Partner. They have the resources, the expertise and the unwavering dedication to their clients to ensure that they reach their goals. Turning Platinum isn't a lucky result for r//evolution, it's a consequence of their hard work and focus.”

Our MD, Gill Burgess commented “This award demonstrates our breadth of experience and our track record in delivering outstanding automated sales, marketing and customer service solutions. We work with a portfolio of clients who are committed to driving growth through well-planned and brilliantly executed customer engagement. Now, more than ever, businesses need to have the best possible systems to drive revenue streams, generating great-fit leads that are thoughtfully nurtured and converted into customers. Potential customers also expect a value-added, personalised brand experience, and that is what we help our clients to deliver.”

HubSpot Partner Channel Manager, Mart Nijland is delighted to see r//evolution’s success. “r//evolution has become one of HubSpot's leading partners for companies in the Northeast of England”, he says “What really sets r//evolution aside from other agencies delivering inbound growth through HubSpot is their technical capabilities, being able to manage complex integration, application & web projects on top of the HubSpot system.

As HubSpot is adding more complex layers of technology, we are happy to have partners such as r//evolution that can offer solutions for our customers and build the growth engines of the future.”

The demand for enhanced automation is further growing due to the challenges businesses are facing as a result of the current pandemic. Increased pressure on budgets and the need to reach new markets, means r//evolution has seen a further uplift in digital transformation project enquiries. Gill explains, “For many, finding better ways of working has become a pressing business need. Reducing costs and enhancing efficiencies are now business imperatives.”

Commenting on the emerging business landscape as lockdown eases, Gill says “We work with clients in multiple sectors – from construction to energy, but we expect to see most significant growth in the coming months across Tech and Saas. Businesses in these sectors often have the ambition to scale at speed and need the systems to enable them to do so.”

Tags: Online Marketing, r//evolution, Tech Sector

Posted by Chris Glancey
on July 3, 2020