How to speed up your sales activity using automation

Many businesses are still working with slow, manual processes that create pitfalls in the sales journey. When it comes to reviving your businesses income post-covid, anything slowing your business down needs to be tackled.

Any friction in the customer journey makes a prospect less likely to convert. As businesses struggle to recover what has been lost, it's crucial to remove the barriers.

Fortunately, automation can transform your sales processes and allow you to reap more rewards from your efforts, without investing more time and human resource. Here’s how automation can empower your sales team to sell better:

Automation to fuel efficiency

Automating sales streamlines your processes and in turn increases efficiency. Data is automatically inputted when a contact is made, so your sales team save valuable time that would have otherwise been spent trudging through data. 

Make data sharing easier

Automation allows you to access your CRM data across teams with a centralised, automatically updated system. This guarantees your data is consistent across the company, ensures sales have the information they need to convert leads.

Reduce response time

Lower response times are made possible with faster access to consistent contact data and higher quality lead information. Automation also allows you to better prioritise leads to ensure best-fit leads are contacted first.

The tools required for sales automation

So, its clear automation has great benefits for your sales team, but knowing how to transition to automation can be a daunting task. It can mean changes to longstanding systems, and change isn’t always easy.

To break it down, let’s look at what tools you need to make automation happen:

­Sales automation CRM

A comprehensive CRM system can give you the tools you need to capture, nurture, and convert leads. A great CRM system sits at the core of your automation efforts, and without one your automation won’t get off the ground.


Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and DuxSoup will allow you to send personalised outreach messages and help connect with your prospects more quickly and effectively.

Email automation

Implementing effective email automation can transform your lead generation. Based on how your prospects engage, you can automatically target leads in a personalised way, providing valuable content which will nurture them along their buyer journey.

Deal creation & management

Move away from manual data input. With automation your system can automatically input data when you make a contact and gather contact information. This frees up a significant amount of time for your sales team to work on converting leads, rather than fumbling through data.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a valuable tool used to make life easier and more practical for sales executives. Lead scoring allows you to prioritise your leads by gaining better insight into their engagement. This means no more A-Z contacting sales, instead calling in order of best-fit.


A great benefit of automation is extra visibility. It gives you the visibility needed to track and assess your sales process, making it easy to spot patterns and make improvements.

For your sales team, automation can be transformative. Changing how things are done can streamline your sales process, create a more personalised experience for your prospects making them more likely to convert, and free up time to spend more wisely.

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Posted by Chris Glancey
on June 29, 2020