Top 10 tips to improve lead conversion

We want to make sure you’re not falling at the last hurdle when it comes to converting leads. It may seem like you’re doing everything right - building traffic and growing leads but your leads just aren’t converting into contacts, opportunities or sales. We’ve put together our 10 top tips for helping you improve lead conversion.

How to convert more leads


1. Calls-to-action

Ensure you have clear, simple and strong calls-to-action throughout your website. This will help encourage your leads to take a desired action when navigating and browsing your site. Separate your CTAs from other body text to make them stand out, try testing different colours and visual elements to see which provide the best results - and always include a verb to encourage action. This could be ‘Download our housing whitepaper’ or ‘Sign up to our mailing list’.  

2. Offer value

Evaluate whether or not you’re offering value to your leads to get them to convert. This could be in the form of a special offer, helpful content or discounts. Whatever you’re offering to your leads should be relevant and appealing to them - so if you’re already doing this consider if this process can become more personal based on what you know about your lead. Providing your leads with access to these kinds of extras can spur them on to the next step of the buyer's journey.  

3. Nurture your leads

It may be that your lead is still researching and trying to make a decision about whether or not the products or services your brand is offering is right for them. They may also not be in a position where they’re ready to buy. It’s vital therefore that you continue to nurture your leads so when they are ready to make a purchase decision, your brand is front-and-centre demonstrating the value and relevance of your offering.

Automation can be a really simple but effective way to nurture your leads. It can take a bit of time and resource to set up initially, but once done your leads can be placed into a personalised nurturing process allowing them to start building a stronger relationship and connection with your brand and its products or services.

4. Develop quality leads to begin with

If you’re seeing growth in traffic and lead numbers, but aren’t seeing this convert later down the line you should assess how you’re attracting leads to begin with. Ensure the leads you’re getting are your ideal customer and fit with your buyer personas.

Check to see your inbound marketing and SEO activity is attracting people for the right reasons - are your keywords and content actually relevant to your offering and your target audience?

5. Build trust

People are more likely to convert if they trust your brand and your website. Whether it’s providing you with information about themselves or making a purchase - trustworthiness is key to converting leads. There are a number of elements to consider when building trust with your audience.

Firstly think about security - will visitors, especially new visitors, trust your site? Does your site have an SSL certificate? Are your payment methods familiar and trusted by consumers - can you checkout using paypal and other customer-trust payment options?

Another way to build trust to help you convert more leads, is growing the number of reviews [link to blog] or customer testimonials you have on your website. This lets potential customers know that people have made purchases and have had a positive experience. Social proof - people sharing, posting images, or talking about your products or services on social media - can be an effective way to build trust and optimise your conversion rate too.

6. Give your sales team the detail they need 

If your sales team are getting in touch with your leads, make sure they have access to the detail they need to have constructive and relevant conversations. Use an intelligent CRM system that logs information about your leads and captures data that really helps you understand your leads.

7. Focus on higher scoring leads 

You should discuss with your sales team the minimum amount of information or data they require that allows them to have effective and useful conversations with leads that will help them to convert these into sales.

It may seem obvious, but ensure you also prioritise the leads you have a better chance of converting. For instance, if two leads are very similar, but one is active in an industry that better suits your company, this lead should receive a higher score and can be highlighted as a priority for your sales team. Use a scoring system that captures this and allows your team to make educated decisions about which leads they should focus on first.

8. User experience

Offer your leads the best user-experience you can. In doing so you’ll provide a positive experience so if they’re looking to make a purchase, it could really help tip the balance in your favour.

When it comes to your website, prioritise the user journey. Evaluate your site’s user-experience, providing you opportunities to identify any issues or areas of your site which cause confusion for the user so you can improve and resolve these - making conversions easier.

9. Help don’t sell 

Don’t bombard your leads with sales-heavy content. Always see where you can add value and be helpful. Use the information you do have about your leads to tailor communications to improve the relevance of your content, offering a friendly, personal service. This will help you to build stronger, mutually beneficial experience for your leads.

10. Evaluate and optimise

Remember, your work is never done when it comes to tweaking and improving your lead conversion processes. Track what works and what doesn’t, use A/B testing for emails, calls-to-action and offers to see what is most effective in converting leads. Be creative and add real value.

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Posted by Beccy Gregory
on January 15, 2018