Top 10 tips to increase leads

It might sound obvious but no matter how amazing your product or service is, your business will never grow or succeed if people don’t know about it. Increasing awareness of your business means more leads which in turn creates more revenue which, of course, means more profit and business growth. If you’re getting traffic which isn’t converting to leads, our top ten tips will help.

Check your website is up to date

When was the last time you updated your website? Take a look at your team pages, is there anyone missing or worse, is there anyone featured there that is no longer with your company? Are all of your services or products listed on your site? Is your contact information correct and up to date? Do all of your links work?

Take the time to make sure that everything is present and correct will ensure that visitors can find the information they need when visiting your website - there’s nothing worse than trying to call a business using the number on their website only to find it’s no longer in service or receiving an automatic reply from an email address of a person who no longer works at the company.

Consider the user-experience

It is important that everyone who visits your website can find the information that they are looking for.  Make good use of whitespace, images and bullet points to make information easy to read and digest. Ensure contact us forms or newsletter sign ups are simple to complete allowing you to convert visitors to leads more easily.

And don’t forget mobile...

With an ever growing number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices, it’s important that your website is responsive. By ensuring that your web pages change size to suit the device on which they site is being viewed, you will make your website more accessible to those using mobiles and tablets to browse your site. Make sure your menu works well on mobile and that visitors can easily get in touch with our business with the tap of button.

Get your SEO right

If you want people to find your website, you’re going to need good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) after all, if Google can’t find your website how can you expect your ideal audience to? Your SEO can be improved by writing good quality content, talking to your target audience in their language, focusing on keywords and optimising your metadata.

Get social and engage

If you’re spending time creating high-quality content that appeals to your target audience, it’s important that you share it. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram allow businesses or brands to generate tremendous online exposure, showcasing products and services or sharing their good news. However, in order to get leads it’s important that you remember to engage - it’s called social networking for a reason! Look for ways to strike up conversations with your followers and, if someone comments on one of your posts, you should always reply.

Use visual content

We’ve all heard the adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ in the case of marketing, an image can do so much more. 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business, second only to blogging (38%).

When people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later. By using visual content - such as photographs, infographics and videos - you’re increasing the chance of potential customers remembering your marketing messages and who doesn't want their business to be memorable?


There are many effective ways to use advertising to grow your business. From outdoor advertising on billboards and bus stands to pay per click and social media advertising. You should focus your advertising efforts towards your ideal customers. Consider where your target audience go, what they do and the information they’re looking for from you and talk to them using their own language. By targeting your advertising your ideal customers, you’re more likely to gain leads.

Demonstrate your expertise and build trust

People want to buy from companies that they trust and believe in, it’s therefore essential that you establish trust with potential customers and show that you are an expert in your field. You can demonstrate that you know your stuff by through high-quality content. Whether you choose to write a blog, produce a video or send an email marketing campaign or your content should be educational and entertaining, focussing on the issues and needs of your customers rather than trying to sell, sell, sell.

Once people buy from you, why not ask for feedback? Adding honest reviews to your website will help build trust and credibility.

Data capture opportunities

Provide data capture or calls to action throughout your website to help you build a database of engage prospects. Website visits represent an interest in your brand - regardless of whether they have committed to a purchase or not. There are a number of tactics you can employ to grow your contact database including sign-up forms and pop-ups. From here, you can use email marketing to keep people informed about your business, services and products.

Offer something special

We all love getting something for nothing so create a compelling offer which your target audience cannot say no too. Whether you add a few free samples of other products with orders, invite people to take part in a free trial or provide a free download containing educational information, your content should be something special so that your customers see the value of your brand.

If your website isn’t gaining leads for your business we can help. Our online experts can help you make sure your website works for you, or download a copy of our lead generation ebook. 

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Posted by Beccy Gregory
on November 10, 2017