Using marketing for recruitment

Recruiting the vest best talent is a vital aspect of any business – but how can you go about targeting the cream of the crop?

When it comes to recruitment and being recognised as an employer of choice – effective marketing is extremely important.

In a connected world potential employees will no doubt Google companies they’re considering applying to or interviewing for. Expect them to be bringing up your latest news, website and social media channels so you want to ensure information that’s so readily available shows why you’re such an attractive employer.

Recruiting talent through effective marketing:

Here’s some steps your business can implement using intelligent marketing to help you recruit talented employees.

Make sure your website is informative, attractive and user-friendly

Your website is your shop window – so make sure it’s up to scratch. A well-designed website that appeals to the eye and is up to date with relevant information provides a user-friendly experience, helping to create a positive feeling about your business.

Ensure you feature your career section prominently on your homepage, outline vacancies (keeping them updated regularly), your company benefits, and what makes you such a great employer. This way it’s clear for talented folk to clearly see why they should want to join your team.

Boost your SEO

With a well-optimised website, you can be sure that you receive high levels of quality traffic. With sustained, strategic SEO activity – you can help your business to remain prominent in search engine results so when you have vacancies available – they’re easy for the talent pool to find.

Harness the power of PR 

Targeted Public Relations (PR) can help your business recruit exceptional new employees. Corporate communications can help to spread the word using regional print, online and broadcast media to share your successes, award wins, staff fundraising activity and more.

When it comes to moving jobs, potential employees want to know they’re joining a company with great benefits, a positive culture and opportunities for CPD and progression. By focusing on these aspects through ongoing PR activity – you can make sure that potential employees can see key messages about your business.

Use your advertising budget wisely

Don’t go for a blanket approach and run adverts on every local channel. Take a look at your previous advertising and media buying campaigns and analyse which publications / formats have given you the very best results – and focus on these platforms to replicate previous successes.

When it comes to recruitment, social media advertising including Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to create highly targeted campaigns to help you reach desired candidates – making the most of your budget.

To avoid the expense of using a recruitment firm, many businesses use online vacancy sites to promote their job opportunities – have a look at Total Jobs, Indeed and similar to see if this is a good option for your business too.

Promote via social

If you have a healthy following on social media – let your followers know you’re recruiting and ask them to share your posts.

Strong ‘calls to action’ (CTA) will help you to clearly communicate with your followers how they can help you. By simply asking followers to share your post – you’ll find your engagement levels increase and you should start to see improved reach and this should help boost interest in your vacancies.


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Posted by Gill Burgess
on March 5, 2018