Why blogs are a must-have for your brand

A lot of websites seem to have a blog, but have you ever wondered why? Blogs offer a huge benefit to brands, in terms of web traffic, engagement, lead-generation, as well as showing who you are as a business and what you do. Producing a whole host of positive results when used correctly, blogs can provide a fantastic addition to any marketing or communications strategy.

1. Increase Traffic

A company that blogs can generate up to 55% more visitors to their website than one which doesn’t. Getting more hits to your website is a great reason to blog, increasing visitors means increasing brand awareness plus the traffic may even turn into leads. Blogs help increase traffic as they add a new angle to your site, helping it to appear in search engine results, and blogs make great shareable content, which can encourage even more clicks through to your site.    

Increased traffic also brings with it the ability to build your community. Interacting with those who comment, as well as reading and engaging with with other bloggers, can help build useful connections and networks.

2. SEO 

On average, a company that blogs will generate 97% more inbound links to their website than a company that doesn’t. Inbound links are massively important for SEO, helping boost the ranking of a website, increasing visibility in search results. If you create engaging, fresh, interesting content (as you would expect from a good blog), then it is likely to be shared, and referenced, creating those inbound links that are so coveted. That means then, you shouldn’t just be talking about yourself and what you’ve been up to, but writing a post that connects with and adds some kind of value to the lives of readers to make it worth sharing. Plus, keeping your site updated with new, quality content will help you out in the SEO stakes too.

3. Brand Personality

Blogging about your business and industry (something you already know a great deal about), helps position you as an industry expert. Expertise is key in building trust with customers and clients alike, which also helps to drive sales. Blog posts are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your level of knowledge, passion and expertise, by offering insight into your industry.

Plus, the tone of voice and style of your blog can simultaneously help your company seem more personable, as well as allowing you the space to demonstrate your company’s personality a little more than your website may allow. Humanising your business through your blog using names, photos and more informal language helps people to see you in a new, friendlier light, which can help you appear more approachable.

4. It’s free

Blogs don’t cost money. Though they do require time and consideration. Blogs may seem intimidating if you’ve never blogged before, and blogging doesn’t come easily to everyone. They require knowledge of the business, the industry and the audience to really be able to tap into the results they can deliver. With the right attitude, commitment and understanding though, they provide a variety of opportunities you would struggle to get from any other single platform. 

With all these reasons to blog, there’s no good reason not to, so what are you waiting for? Get blogging! 

Tags: Communications, SEO

Posted by Frankie Boyle
on October 15, 2015