Why HubSpot is the right marketing automation platform for you

It goes without saying that marketing automation has completely transformed the way companies execute their marketing strategies.

Whether it be sending out a bunch of emails to existing customers, gaining insights on your social media followers or by nurturing new leads with highly personalised and targeted content, marketing automation should be utilised by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The benefits of using marketing automation software are substantial. Not only will it allow your marketing team to replace manual processes with efficient automated solutions, marketing software will enable you to:

  • Convert prospects to customers and then into brand advocates using targeted and personalised marketing
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Create a consistent brand presence across multiple channels
  • Reach your goals faster
  • Gain greater insight into what activity is working well and what’s not
  • Generate significant new revenue and provide an excellent return on investment

Seems like using automation is a no-brainer, right?

Yet with so many different automation packages on the market, picking the right one for your business can be tricky. Knowing what you want to achieve, how automation dovetails into your overall strategy and how your team will utilise the tools on offer, are all vital considerations when choosing what software package is best for you.

Getting more from your marketing automation software


HubSpot is a leading global inbound marketing platform designed to generate more traffic, leads and customers. The HubSpot marketing software allows you to create, automate, measure, and optimise your online marketing in one place making it an exceptionally effective way of managing your inbound marketing activity.

Regardless of size, HubSpot is perfect for all businesses looking to automate their marketing. Through the easy to use interface, HubSpot’s workflow tool is automation beyond email which allows you to automate campaigns across channels. Using HubSpot’s triggers and advanced segmentation features, you can make sure your audience receives the right messages at exactly the right time. 

HubSpot is a complete all-in-one integrated solution for all your marketing needs and is designed to help you deliver an ideal Inbound marketing strategy from start to finish – effectively replacing all the other tools you could possibly need. What’s more, HubSpot is designed for marketers by marketers and their unparalleled Support Academy is always on hand to offer customer support and helpful guidance to ensure that you’re doing fantastic marketing.

Other marketing automation options

There are of course other traditional automation packages, namely – Act-On, Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot – but none of them offer a complete marketing solution like HubSpot. Act-On for example is deemed to be a useful tool for companies just starting out on their automation journey, but with limited functionality marketing departments tend to outgrow the platform. The same can also be said for Eloqua and Pardot. While Eloqua and Pardot can be the platform of choice for larger corporations, both focus heavily on email marketing and neither provider offers full inbound integration like HubSpot. 

Above all, marketing automation needs to be done right. The wrong strategy can do more harm than good, but a good marketing automation strategy will improve your marketing output greatly.

That’s why using a complete all-in-one solution like HubSpot is the only way to go if you’re thinking about introducing an automated marketing strategy.

Implementing marketing automation

If you want to know more about using HubSpot for your marketing automation needs or want to know whether it’s a good fit for your business - talk to our inbound marketing experts - we’re passionate about r//esults focused inbound marketing.

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Posted by Chris Glancey
on April 24, 2018