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We are really proud of the culture we have created at r//evolution - our team are a talented bunch of individuals, all experts in their individual fields, and well-versed at combining their skills to deliver outstanding service for our clients. To give a better insight into what it’s like to be part of our team we sat down with three of our newest recruits – Account Managers, Chris and Samantha, and Partner Growth Manager, Steve, to get their perspective, warts and all.

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How was your interview with r//evolution?

Samantha: Right at the start of my career I was given a great piece of advice about interviews, 'remember you're assessing the employer as much as they are assessing you'. I had no reservations at all about joining r//evolution, it had a great feel right from the start. 

Chris: My interview was fairly spontaneous. I had a call with my recruiter at lunchtime and then a few hours later I was speaking with Adam and Gill! I was impressed by the company's ethos, culture and ideas for the future. After this initial meeting, I knew that this was the place I wanted to be. 

Steve: From the outset my first impressions were that r//evolution had a clear vision of where they want to be as a business, that they were very experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields. I had no second thoughts and knew I wanted to be part of the team after my first encounter.

Tell us about your first day

Chris: Like most first days I was a little nervous, but I was made to feel welcome by the team. I had a meeting with Adam and my predecessor and it was a case of learning about the clients and delivering projects from the outset. The team helped me settle into the role quickly. 

Steve: I was a little nervous but it didn’t last long as everyone is very welcoming! From my first day I felt like my opinion mattered and was given the freedom to tackle my role how I saw fit. The resources and training were dedicated to what I needed, allowing me to set my own personal goals within the business from day one.

Samantha: I think everyone is a little nervous on their first day in a new role, but it went really well - the only hiccup was the oversized mug I'd brought which made tea runs a bit tricky! The team were welcoming, and I was given projects and involved in meetings that afternoon. It's always nice to be able to feel like you're contributing something right from the outset. 

What stood out as different to your previous roles?

Steve: The biggest difference for me would be the training and the respect. The business is very transparent about goals and performance, and very willing to take on board your ideas of what you need to be most effective at your role. It all equates to the culture of the business, everyone is very hard working and respects each other’s opinion, it’s very refreshing.

Samantha: One of the biggest differences I noticed was the way the business is so open. It's a lot easier to work as a team when you're treated as one, instead of some people knowing some details and other people knowing others. I respect the culture of transparency that Gill and Adam have cultivated in the business. 

Chris: From a personal point of view, one of the biggest differences is the variety of work. One minute I could be writing a blog about kitchen work surfaces and the next it could be scheduling social media updates for a home improvement company. 

What has been the biggest challenge?

Chris: I would say getting to grips with the variety of businesses that we work with. Having come from an in-house background, having the ability to quickly switch mindsets from talking about newspaper ads to content plans and then back to Instagram updates was a challenge - but a rewarding one at that. 

Samantha: I am not a naturally organised person, so I always work extra-hard to ensure I keep on-track of important details and deadlines. Working at r//evolution is perfect for someone like me because the systems in place make project management simple, effective and practical.  

Steve: Losing weight! With all the birthday cake in the office, and treats most Fridays, it’s definitely showing on the waistline.  

Sum up working at r//evolution in three words

Samantha: Professional, lively, gratifying

Chris: Energising, fun, fulfilling

Steve: Creative rewarding culture

To find out more about joining our team, take a look at our latest vacancies, we are currently recruiting for an experienced PR Account Manager and a Business Development Representative. If you think you've got what it takes to work in an award-winning Northern marketing agency, send your CV to

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Posted by Helen Hardy
on July 25, 2018