Delivering SaaS product demos that generate sales

Struggling to get a noteworthy conversion rate from your SaaS demos? Demos can be a tricky maze to navigate, and it often turns out software companies are approaching them in a less than effective way.

With more and more companies relying on software to run their business, the new customer opportunities are enormous- if you get your demo right.

So how can you equip your business with a demo that will generate more sales?


The days of one-size-fits-all are long gone, great customer experience now relies on personalisation more than ever. Before the demo, learn about the client. Find out what they do, what they’re looking for and what problems they are trying to solve. This should be easy with a little homework and a few questions. The result? You’ll be properly equipped to show how your software can really benefit them and solve their individual problems.

It’s about the pain

Remember that you’re trying to solve your prospect’s pain points- and knowing what those are should be easy if you’ve already done your homework. Many SaaS companies looking to increase their conversion rates fall at the first hurdle- they see their demo as nothing more than a step-by-step guide on how the software works. But to really start converting you need to move away from a how-to, and instead focus on your prospects’ specific pain points- and how you can solve them.

Have your playbook ready 

-and understand the difference between a playbook and a plan. Having a structured conversation laid out before your demo is a recipe for an impersonal and dry demo. Have you ever sat through a demo where its clear you’re listening to a script and the demo hasn’t been adjusted to your needs? Instead, create a playbook- a guide of the key things you want to get across. With a playbook rather than a plan, you can share all the exciting things your software has to offer in a way that directly addresses your prospect’s problem and creates a personal experience from start to finish.

Keep it concise 

Try not to make every demo you give about showing everything that your software can do. This can take a lot of time and your prospect might not be interested in every single part of your offering. Instead, use this philosophy of focusing on their pain points to show off the parts of your software which will really transform their experience. Nobody has all day to sit through demos. This way, you’re adding maximum value in the areas that matter without wasting time on the areas that don’t.  

It might sound complicated but creating a demo that converts prospects is simple. Create a personalised experience by listening to the prospect, finding out what makes them tick (and more importantly- what doesn’t), then use this to create a seamless and individual demo that focuses solely on how your software can solve your prospect’s problems.

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Tags: Online Marketing, Tech Sector

Posted by Anna Graham
on March 10, 2020