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Samantha Wilcox

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Can any good come from jumping on a bandwagon?

April traditionally begins in a myriad of mirth, with brands showing their playful sides on everything from fake products (avocado Coca-Cola anyone?) to parliamentary offices taking the time to troll…unless of course EU Passports will indeed be taking on a very different brand identity in the...

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Tags: Social Media, Communications, Marketing

Posted by Samantha Wilcox
on April 18, 2018

5 ways B2B company websites can work harder in 2018

With HubSpot’s popular ‘State of Inbound’ annual survey showing that 55% of companies state that growing traffic to their website is their top priority for the next twelve months, the competition online is sure to get tougher.

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Tags: Online Marketing, Digital, Lead Generation

Posted by Samantha Wilcox
on April 5, 2018

Making the most of seasonal marketing

We’re all familiar with brands ramping up their marketing in the run up to Christmas - mostly with a wintery, festive theme. These campaigns have varying degrees of success; from the direct (the now traditional heartfelt John Lewis contribution) to the subtly-timed (diet ads starting approximately...

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Tags: Marketing

Posted by Samantha Wilcox
on March 20, 2018